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The Belching Frog and Wes Uncapher are the same. It is a rather common story. One day in the swamp I sat there peacefully croaking when all of a sudden some strange girl grabbed me and began kissing me. Then the most peculiar thing happened. I immediately turned into the stunningly handsome prince you know as Wes.

Some roll their eyes at such a story however, were they there?  

Aside from this common story, I have over thirty years experience. I got my start in the U.S. Navy as a photographers mate. This duty quickly gave me a wide variety of photographic experiences around the globe. This rare experience offered a fantastic foundation to further build my knowledge base. Without boring the reader too much, I dealt with multiple sea, air and land operations, several of notoriety.

Since my time in the military, I have continued to grow. From shooting slide film for magazine publications to toddler portraits in the digital age. This continuing effort has also earned top honors in several esteemed contest. I continue to publish in multiple magazines and I am always looking for my next shot.    

Some clients have included Bugle Magazine, Outdoor Life, North American Hunter, Wyoming Wildlife, Colorado Outdoors, Montana Outdoors, Montana Magazine, Cowboys and Indians, Gun Dog and more.

Hopefully you may also consider being my client.

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